Go “Dipped Strawberries”, Bro!


So you have been courting this awesome girl but unfortunately, there’s this other guy who has been as persevering in trying to win her heart!

There’s gotta be a way to catch her attention and make her finally say that BIG “yes!”Blog

Allow FruiQuet to help you. Note that flowers & cakes are a thing of the past! Try our “Dipped Strawberries Supreme” – these are juicy American strawberries coated with premium milk & white chocolate. We can even make ‘em extra special by sprucing it up with yummy almond or pistachio nuts. Did you say she loves pink stuff? By adding a few bucks, we can make that delicious chocolate coating either in pastel pink, lime yellow, mint green or coral blue colors.

Nicely wrapped in a box with dainty ribbon and a gift card, they come either in 4, 6, 9 or 12 pcs.

So what are you waiting for? Be different, make that move & win that girl.

Good luck!

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