FRUIQUET ADVISORY: We offer only our special FruiQuet "Valentine Bundles" on Feb 12, 13 and 14. On these dates, we will not be able to commit to a specific delivery time but we would try our very best to do so within 9AM to 6PM. To order regular FruiQuets for other dates, please click here. Thank you


What is FruiQuet?

FruiQuet™ (pronounced as froo-kei) is short for fruit bouquet. Depending on the chosen design, the freshest, handpicked fruits are cut, shaped, molded, and arranged in a “bouquet.” Our FruiQuets™ use various designs of vases, cups, and mugs, which serve as base, while skewers are used to hold the various fruits together. The fruits are chilled, and may be enjoyed immediately. It is definitely today’s perfect gift for any type of occasion.

Why is FruiQuet an excellent alternative gift?

More often than not, we give flower arrangements that are quite pleasant to the eyes, but may easily wilt after a day or two. We also send sweets like chocolates or cakes to loved ones, but these usually contain high calories, which may be inappropriate, especially for the aging or health-conscious.

FruiQuets™, on the other hand, are eye-catching, colorful, and unique. Most importantly, the fruits we use are ready-to-eat and are guaranteed fresh and healthy. They’re not only perfect as alternative gifts but they are also practical to bring at gatherings and pot luck meals with family and friends.

How many FruiQuet arrangements can I choose from? Do you customize?

For now, we have more than thirty-five (35) FruiQuet™ arrangements and we are adding more! If you have specifications, please do not hesitate to relay them to us so we can consider them in the preparation of your chosen FruiQuet™. Please take note, however, that the price of the FruiQuet™ may change depending on your special requests.

How can I pay for the FruiQuets I ordered?

You can pay for the FruiQuets your ordered via any of the following modes:

  1. Over the counter through any of our FruiQuet branches
  2. Globe Gcash by sending Gcash to (0915) 451-9999
  3. Online by charging to your credit card through Paypal
  4. Online by charging to your bank’s ATM or debit card such as BPI, BDO, Metrobank, etc or over the counter through other accredited banks and merchants such as SM, M. Lhuiller, LBC, et.c all through Dragonpay (

How much are FruiQuets?

FruiQuet™ offers more than 35 edible arrangements which are reasonably priced from P490 to P3,950. You can expect a lot more as we expand our FruiQuet™ lineup further in the coming days!

How big and tall are the FruiQuets?

FruiQuets™ come in various shapes and sizes depending on the chosen design, vase, and fruits. The small and compact ones are approximately 8 to 12 inches in height, while the bigger arrangements can be as tall as 13 to 18 inches. For your FruiQuets™ to look grander, taller, or bigger, we have special add-ons like imported small and large foil balloons.

I want to make my FruiQuet extra-special, how do I go about it?

Our FruiQuets™ are already unique and pleasing as they are but if you want to make them more special, we offer add-ons that can go with your chosen arrangement:

FruiQuet™ Chocolate Dip
9-inch Mylar Foil Balloons on sticks—in various occasions,
18-inch flying Mylar Foil Balloons—in various occasions,
Plush Teddy Bears,
Sparkling (Asti Martini), Red or White Wines (Chilean),
Personalized Message Cards with your logo or photo .

Please click “Gift Shop” in our Home page for more details.

Which occasions are FruiQuets perfect for?

FruiQuets™ can instantly express one’s true feelings or impress and give joy to recipients. They’re perfect for any type of moment, event, or occasion like:

Birthdays of both young and old,
Couple Monthsaries and Anniversaries,
Valentine’s Day or expressing one’s love any day,
Mother’s, Father’s, or Grandparents’ Day,
Christmas or New Year’s,
Celebrating a milestone (promotion, graduation, retirement),
Wedding celebration,
Birth or Christening,
House or Office blessing,
Sympathy for someone’s loss,
Saying “sorry” to someone you have hurt,
Welcome surprise,
Extending heartfelt thanks

And a lot, lot more!

What is the lead time needed when ordering FruiQuets?

We request that you order at least 1-2 full working days before the preferred delivery or pick up date. This will give us ample time to plan and prepare your chosen FruiQuet™.

Do you deliver anywhere? How do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver but within Metro Manila only. Due to the special handling of our FruiQuets™, we charge delivery fees ranging from P200 to P600 (inclusive of toll fees, if any) depending on the location of the intended recipient. Click on “Delivery Policy” for detailed info. Given the delicate nature of our FruiQuets™, we deliver using any of our 4-wheeled vehicles. We also use a special cooling box so that FruiQuets™ are received chilled and ready to be eaten.

How can I be assured that the FruiQuets that I order or receive are fresh?

The FruiQuets™ you order or receive are guaranteed fresh because we do not over stock on fruits and we purchase them based on incoming orders only. That is why we request that the FruiQuets™ be pre-ordered at least 1-2 days before the intended pick up or delivery date—this way, you are assured that only the freshest and ripest fruits go into your arrangement. Our staff are well-trained to handle the fruits with utmost care and in a very
hygienic manner.

Once a FruiQuet™ arrangement is done, it is immediately wrapped in our customized plastic bag and stored in our chillers. When we deliver, we use a special cooling box that allows us to chill our FruiQuets™ even while in transit. This also helps ensure the freshness of the fruits when they are delivered to you right at your doorstep.

If I pick up my FruiQuet from your shop, what’s the best thing way to handle it while in transit?

Our FruiQuets™ are usually put in a tray box that serves as their base. It is best that fruit bouquets be placed on a flat surface and preferably near a car’s air-con vent while in transit. As soon as you reach your destination, carry your FruiQuet™ with care and then immediately consume the fruits. Otherwise, please refrigerate to preserve the fruit bouquet’s freshness.

Once a person receives a FruiQuet, what should he/she do?

FruiQuets™ are best enjoyed when eaten within 1 to 2 hours upon pick up or delivery. Otherwise, we recommend that the fruits be taken out from their skewers, placed inside a sealed container, and then stored in the refrigerator. If packed properly and refrigerated, the fruits can last extra 2-3 days. For safety, please keep the skewers away from children.

How do you upload your own photo/image for Personalized Message Cards?

  1. Register for an account here.
  2. Add ‘Personalized Message Cards‘ to your cart and checkout.
  3. View transaction details under your account and click the upload button
Alternate method:

You may also send an image through email with subject ‘Personalized Card Image’.